True, Napoleon was a little growth?

Napoleon's name is associated with the French revolution, rapid career, talented commander, brilliant victories, Borodino battle, burnt Moscow, the battle of Waterloo, the Island of St. Helena, arsenic ... But, probably, the most important feature of the emperor, according to the established conviction, was his low The growth he, allegedly hesitantly shy.

The fact that the emperor of France was low growth seems to be irrefutable and not even questioned - after all, immediately after death, the French doctor was measured by the growth of Napoleon and recorded: 5 feet and 2 inches. If we translate into centimeters, then Napoleon's growth was 157 cm. Not too combined with the title of emperor and the conqueror of Europe. But what if this is a mistake? After all, Napoleon's growth was frozen, as already mentioned, the French doctor, which means he wrote down him in French feet and inches. But now such units no one uses such units - English foot (0, 3048 m.), Which is less than French (0, 3248 m). If you consider the growth of the emperor in the French feet, then it will be 168 cm. Given that this growth was recorded from the emperor in 51, it can be argued that in his youth his height could be 170 cm.

"It's better, but still not enough. In the bus, even before the handrail will not get. " - Thinks modern man and will not be right. After all, over the past two centuries, the average growth of a person has constantly increased. For example, at the end of the 18th century, it was 165 cm. It turns out, Napoleon could even be considered high among his contemporaries!

But many witnesses argued that Corsican had low growth. There are several explanations for it. First, proportional to the big size of the head did Napoleon below than it really is. In addition, the emperor was shown in humans surrounded by high security guards, compared with which anyone would seem like a short one. Another reason why Napoleon seemed low, was ... Paris fashion. In that epoch, high hats were considered the most fashionable, which increased the growth of their owners, while Napoleon preferred his famous low landing hat.

Not a latter role in the formation of the people of Napoleon's image was played by enemy propaganda, which quickly grabbed the walking rumors and began to represent the Corsican with such a restless dwarf.

This is interesting: Probably, everyone heard about such a psychological disease as the "Complex of Napoleon". It is believed that they have people who have and shameful any physiological deviations, whether low growth or, for example, a decayable belly. Without the possibility of achieving recognition by beauty, they develop in themselves the power of will and intelligence, try to lead an active lifestyle to always be the first. But, as we see, the term "Napoleon complex" could hardly be applied to the French emperor himself. Yes, he was active and purposeful, but there was no reason to comprehensively about his height.

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