Why do fruit change your taste and color during maturation?

Why do fruits during ripening change their taste and color? Not for that, to please the animals and like them with their own species, sweetness and freshness? Just for this!

Some plants in the process of evolution adapted to spread their seeds with wind or attaching to the skins running past animals. Another did not remain anything else, how to attract their attention to their taste. Eating the fruit, the animal spreads his seeds, leaving them together with excrement.

Over time, fruits have improved their taste all the time - because the animals were chosen and ate, and therefore, they distributed the most delicious of them. This is how the process of evolution works - they remain and give sprouts only the most ripe and delicious fruits. And in order to attract the attention of potential distributors, the fruits send them a signal, changing their color in the process of maturation at the time when their seeds are fully prepared.

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