Church of Grundvaig - expressionism masterpiece

Expressionism in the history of world architecture is an example of a short-term, but bright and memorable direction inherent in the beginning of the 20th century. Expressionism as a company's reaction to the global shocks that occurred in that era, puts its original task an emotional impact on the observer, seeking to keep a memorable image in his memory.

The main center of expressionism has developed in Germany and part of the countries adjacent to it. But despite the rapid flowering of this course, it was in his architectural branch that the smallest number of projects implemented: a lack of financing architects from the extent of economic problems and the First World War of State has affected.

Therefore, each construction in the style of expressionism is a masterpiece of world architecture. But religious buildings built by architects expressionists are particularly valuable. In total, in the world of similar buildings, you can recalculate on your fingers, but the main one is the Danish Church of the Parkwig. The construction of the Church, located in Copenhagen, began in 1921 and lasted 5 years.

Perpendicular lines, space, narrow high windows and 6 million yellow bricks meet the visitors of the Church of the Griefwig.

The appearance of the church, combining various modern flows and the traditional view of the houses of Danish villages, is unusually looking.

Photo: Ludwig Favre