The most poisonous mushroom in the world

If you ask a question: "What kind of mushroom is the most poisonous?", Many many will be called an amoor. However, mugs are a common collective name of a whole kind of poisonous fungi. Among this kind, there is also the most poisonous mushroom in the world - pale refining.

This deadly mushroom is distributed both in Asia and in Europe, where it is found from July to October. Inexperienced mushrooms confuse pale custody with edible floats, raws and most often with champignons. But it can be easily distinguished from edible mushrooms on a beautiful olive color hats, a white ring on a leg and a white shell at the base of the mushroom.

In pale loyal, there are hazardous toxins - the poisons of biological origin, among which the amanitins (amatoxins, amanitotoxins), phallotone (flotomoxins) and Amanin can be noted. Poisonously not only the fruit body, but even disputes and mycelium are the vegetative body of mushrooms underground. For serious poisoning, it is enough to eat a third mushroom. Mortal dose 1 g of a cheese mushroom or 0.1 mg of amanitian per 1 kg of weight. That is, 7 g of Amanitins is enough to kill an adult by weight of 70 kg. After thermal processing, frost, drying the poisonous properties of the fungus are saved.

A big danger is that signs of poisoning sometimes occur very late - a few days after the use of the fungus. In the meantime, the person does not feel any symptoms, the poison already destroys the liver and kidneys.

The polar refraining poison is ahead of the action of many poisonous snakes. In the forests of a moderate belt of Europe and Asia there is no other animal or plants whose poison was as dangerous.

This is interesting: In the history, cases of poisoning pale bladeing known people are fixed. So, for example, the Roman emperor Claudia, on the orders of his wife, Agrippina, a cook launched a pale refining juice in the royal dish. Claudius died, and the son of Agrippina Nero climbed the throne. Karl VI - one of the strongest emperors of the Sacred Roman Empire - also died from poisoning with pale cakes, ate dish in which these dangerous mushrooms were added.

Illustration: Depositphotos | Syaber