Abandoned Chinese Hutuvan Village

About 50 years ago, life in the Chinese village of Khutuvan, located in the east of the country on one of the Isles of the Schangshi Archipelago, Biilas the key: about 2, 000 fishermen lived together with their families and there was a large port, from where they sent caught from the caught fish. However, in the 1990s, the port fell into decline, and soon the island was empty. There were only a few dozen inhabitants who had nowhere to leave.

Almost 20 years have passed since the time, and the village of Khutuvan completely in the power of nature. Ivy and other plants tightly sealed all the buildings, which now look at the world with black failed windows. An ominous and at the same time, the attractive place in recent years has become a tourist attraction, where the guests of China, but also citizens of the country seek to come.