The path of this train runs through a residential building

The Chinese city of Chongqing is famous for its unusual planning of houses, which are built right on mountain spurs due to mountain relief, as well as a rich cultural heritage presented by the cave-temple art of the early 10th century.

But the main "unofficial" tourist attraction of the city is undoubtedly a monorail road called Lysiba - after all, it is located in the usual twelve-story residential building at the level of the seventh and eighth floors, where the passengers get through elevators.

In Chongqing, there are about 49 million people in a small area, there is an acute shortage of free space, because of which local authorities were forced to approve such an unusual decision.

Anyone will be in horror, presenting what noise and vibration is tested when the tenants of the residents of the house are arrived at the train station. However, engineers argue that due to the use of advanced noise absorbing and vibrational technologies, the forced neighbors of Monorail do not have any discomfort.