Can Elephants swim?

It seems that a huge nervous elephant will immediately drown, barely will be in the water. But in fact, all elephants are excellent swimmers.

Surprisingly, the massive and cargo body ensures these animals with sufficient buoyancy. When the elephant sails, its body is completely immersed in water, including the mouth. Four powerful legs elephant rowing into the thickness of water, and it breathes, of course, with the help of a trunk in the type of how a person uses the phone during snorkeling - swimming with a mask and a tube. It gives elephant the opportunity to maintain the normal respiratory rhythm and get enough oxygen.

This is interesting: All mammals instinctively can swim. The exception is primates (in a detachment of which both people are included), forced to study swimming.

Elephants, despite their huge mass, are quite hardy animals: on the day they without special problems can pass to 80 km. So it is mistaken to think that the elephants can swim only for short distances. Fixed how an African layer of an elephant was able to overcome the distance of 48 km along the water, which took him about 6 hours. If the elephant suddenly gets tired during the swim, it can simply be in the thickness of the water in a relaxed state, drowning the trunk - its buoyancy allows not to make additional efforts.

In the end, confirming that elephants are excellent swimmers, serves their numerous population on Sri Lanka island. According to scientists, the long-time elephants reached Sri Lanka from India, overcoming the Polksky shed a length of 150 kilometers, making a respite on small shallows.

Illustration: source