Beetle-predan carries on his back the corpses of his victims

The ancient warriors-Berserki loved themselves to decorate themselves with different parts of the body of defeated enemies - in battle any enemy will be afraid of such a warrior in advance. As it turned out, such behavior is also peculiar and insect.

The photographer from Malaysia Hock Pincy Guek managed to get unique shots of the beetle from the detachment of historians. A small insect of less centimeter lasted on his back 20 dead ants. Previously, the beetle injected into each sacrifice by Enzym, which turned the inside of ants in a homogeneous mash, which he drank. After that, the beetle followed how much the bodies could be on his back.

Why does the belch-predator do it? First, it can scare up enemies, making the beetle more in size. But the main tactic of the insect is to protect: its natural enemies are spiders. And when the spider attacks the beetle on top, in his paws initially will be only a mountain of ants, which will give the predator the opportunity to hide.