Ayam Chemia - Breed absolutely black chickens

If they exist in the world of chickens who are able to surprise their color, then we are talking about a rare Indonesian breed Ayam Chemani.

From Indonesian language Ayam Cemani translates as "Black Chicken". And this is the case when the name fully corresponds to appearance: the chickens are absolutely black, not only outside, but also inside. They really have black meat, black internal organs and black bones. They only have a reddish tint on them, but it is much darker than other breeds of chickens.

For his amazing color, Chura Ayam Chemias are obliged to dominate the genu, which causes hyperpigmentation and the activity of which is increased 10 times compared to other chickens.

For a long time, the breed of AIM Chemani was displayed in Indonesia inhabitants with the assistance of other breeds of chickens, distinguished by their dark color. As a result, they managed to achieve a practically perfect black-color plumage, which only in a bright sun can give a small green squeeze.

In Indonesians, the breed Ayam Cheliany enjoys great respect: it is believed that these birds have a mystical force, so they are often used in various rituals. Local gourmet and who came to tourists must necessarily try traditional dishes from chickens of this breed.