Craters bombs of the second world steel house for unique organisms

Sometimes bombs can not only destroy, but also create life. A huge number of unique species of animals living in salted water was found in the crater air bombs that have arisen during the Second World War in Hungary, and now filled with water. And although such funnels filled with time with water exist around the world, in Hungary they became truly unique - the aviation bombs fell on the salt meadows, creating a unique ecosystem for organisms living in saline water.

While all over the world, there is a reduction in the number of water bodies caused by human agricultural activities, these randomly emerged ponds serve as an excellent example of exactly how you can save the extinction species.

Interestingly, in the seas and oceans already there are no longer created incubators of rare species - sunken ships gradually turn into something like coral reefs, where many beings live in relative safety. Now such places are found on the surface.

A group of Austrian and Hungarian scientists studied about a hundred of similar funnels located near the Hungarian village of Apa. Studies have shown that artificial tanks are literally filled with rare forms of life. For example, among the finds you can mark shrimps of the Eubrantchipus Grubi, sea turtles and completely unknown for this territory of algae Halamphora Dominici, which is observed in Salted waters ... Chile!

Probably, to preserve rare species, a person needs to purposefully create similar ecosystems. In the meantime, scientists are trying to understand how all these unique species appeared in the aircraft funnels in Hungary.

Illustration: Zsófia Horváth