This Japanese railway station is built around an antique tree

In the center of the densely populated Japanese city of Osaka is the unusual railway station Kayashima, built directly around an old camphor tree. This tree has grown in this city for many centuries, becoming his talisman and symbol.

Kayashima station was first discovered in 1910 and was originally at some distance from camphoring tree. But by 1972 the population of the city increased significantly, and the old station stopped cope with the increased passenger traffic. Therefore, a project expansion was developed, providing for the deforestation of that tree itself.

The age of camphoring tree is about 700 years, and the locals are confident that this plant is inseparable from the city itself, which strongly struggle with the history of Osaka himself. Therefore, it is not surprising that the decision of the local authorities citizens met with indignation. It is believed that when the workers began to spill a plant, many of them felt malaise, and were forced to stop working.

Soon the protests of the residents of Osaka forced the authorities to develop a new project, providing for the preservation of ancient tree, leaving his place right in the middle of the station.

The updated station was opened only in 1980. Over time, the growing camphor tree has become not only a local, but also a global attraction.