How do dogs see a TV?

Many owners of dogs notice, with what interest four-legged pets are watching the TV or computer on the screen. Often, animals are sitting directly in front of the TV and curiosity cool heads, trying, it seems to keep track of all the details of the scenes. I wonder if the dog sees the image on the screen just as his person sees?

The perception of the TV by man and dog is radically different. This is played by the main role in this otherwise perceived by dog ​​eyesight. The man's retina has three types of columns, which capture light waves of three ranges: long-wave (red, orange colors), medium-wave (yellow, green), shortwave (blue, blue, purple colors). There are no columns that capture red and orange colors. Accordingly, some of the colors of the dog are perceived differently: they do not see the difference between, for example, orange and green.

In addition to this dog's visual, there are several times lower than that of a person, so instead of a clear image, they see its cluttered version on the screen. But at the same time in the dog's eye there is more photosensitive sticks. This means that the four-legged friends of a person are much better seeing at night and much more react to movements. It is because of this, the dogs are so strongly twisted their heads attracted by the movement of objects on the screen.

Apparently, the perfect television for dogs should be performed in yellow-blue colors, with interesting sounds, fast shift frames and large objects. Then your pet is definitely not bored in front of the screen.

Illustration: Depositphotos | @ DameDeeso