Stubbs - the only Alligator in the world with a prosthesis

A young nine-year alligator named Stubbs, living in Arizona, USA, entered the fight with a larger and more experienced reptile. As you know, alligators do not face cannibalism, therefore, a young competitor, probably just wanted to eat, but desperately resisting Stubbs could break out of the mouth. True, at the same time he got a terrible injury for any alligator - lost his tail.

The tail plays a key role in the life of these reptiles, as it allows them to swim, serve as a peculiar paddle. Without a tail, the alligator can only be helplessly sorting out in the water with the paws, remaining in place or at best floating in a circle. Thus, he cannot arrange an ambush on his victims and loses very much in the speed of the throw. And, of course, sooner or later, such an alligator will become an outcast among other reptiles.

Once in the habitat of Stubbs, the stabbing was grew up, who threw it and 35 other alligators in the body of their car in order to sell on the black market of valuable skin. But the animals were lucky - on the way they were freed by members of the local herpetological community, who decided to take reptiles to the local zoo center, in which about 1, 500 other reptiles live.

This is interesting: Herpetology - section of zoology, which studies reptiles and amphibians.

It can be said that the Alligator really pulled out a happy ticket - the group of doctors of the zoo center not only called him Stubbs, but decided to make it an individual tail-prosthesis, which would return the reptile ability to swim and retain the direction in the water.

It turned out to be quite difficult - specialists had to even use the system from camcorders and sensors, which made a model of animal movements, as well as calculate the center of gravity of the catch of the alligator. In order for an artificial tail to the maximum similar to the present, it was made by the example of another 9-year alligator, having similar parameters similar to Stubbs.

After some time, the tail-prosthesis from latex and silicone was ready. Now every time, before the alligator goes into the water, the zoologist attachs a prosthesis to its back. The whole procedure takes no more than five minutes, after which the animal has not been floating in a reservoir along with other reptiles, no difference from them on behavior and in motion.

Experts were surprised how easily and quickly, Stubbs took their new artificial tail and learned how to maintain the direction of movement. For all the time, it never tried to lose it, which means he really perceives the prosthesis as part of his body.

Video: Alligator Stubbs and its new artificial tail

At the moment, the specialists of the Center are concerned about the next question: as Stubbs continues to grow, soon he will need a new enlarged prosthesis. According to estimates, in all life, alligator will need to be made by several dozen prostheses. Given that each of them costs several thousand dollars, the initiative can turn into large expenditures. However, who, as not to a person help other living beings, especially if there are all the possibilities for this?