The deepest rivers in the world

Since the oldest times of the river give humanity. Not in vain almost all ancient civilizations developed and built their cities along the river bed. In our times, the river continues to play a crucial role in ensuring the vital activity of cities. It can be very small robusts, the shores along which are covered with thick thickets of the root, and I can also be wide powerful rivers affecting with its strength and space. But today we will talk about what is not visible from the river at first sight: about her depth. We present a list of the deepest rivers on the planet.

10. Mississippi River - 61 meters

Mississippi is the largest river North America. She originates in the south of the United States in Minnesota and after 3730 km in the Gulf of Mexico. Its powerful waters are transferred for only one day about 436, 000 tons of sand and clay. But besides extraordinary width and fullness, Mississippi is also different and a great depth, which reaches 61 meters. For centuries, Mississippi remained at the Center for the Development of Indian Civilizations, and today it plays a crucial shipping role on the continent.

9. The River of St. Lawrence - 65 meters

This river is also located in North America, which is distinguished by an abundance of water resources. Emerging from the Great American Lakes, the St. Lawrence River carries its waters to the Atlantic Ocean. Since the time of the colonization of America, it was used by the trampers and meat to transport their goods to the coast. The average river width of 300 meters and the maximum depth of 65 meters make it one of the most important water arteries in North America.

8. River Hudson - 65, 8 meters

The Hudson River flowing through the territory of New York, although does not affect the imagination with its length of 492 km, but it has a depth reaching 65, 8 meters.

7. River Juanhe - 79, 8 meters

One of the great Asian rivers - Huanghe is famous for the color of its water, which has a pronounced yellow shade, which appears due to the soil. But also with its great depth, which is at the maximum point of almost 80 meters, the "yellow river" leaves behind many other water artery of the world. It is believed that Huangha plays a key role in Chinese culture and had a huge impact on the formation of Chinese nationalities.

6. Amazon River - 91, 5 meters

The Amazon River is, please, synonymous with the phrase "the longest river of the world." Walking almost through all southern America, Amazon carries in the Atlantic Ocean truly gigantic volumes of water and is a real miracle of nature. Imagine the usual home bathroom, which you need to fill from the crane for so long before plunging into it. And now imagine one million three hundred such baths. Amazon can fill them in a second! The length of the river is 6437 km. But besides these records, the Amazon is famous for and a rather deep channel reaching in a depth of 91, 5 meters.

5. Mekong River - 100 meters

Mekong is the largest river at the Indochinese Peninsula. On his long path, Mekong crosses the borders of the five states: China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In addition to its great depth reaching 100 meters, the Mekong River is famous for the richest Flora and the fauna.

4. River Zambezi - 116 meters

The African continent famous for his arid climate, the African continent, however, carries many rivers, one of whom - Zambezi - is part of the fourth of the deepest rivers of the world. The greatest depth of the Zambezi River is 116 meters. But few tourists who are familiar with this fact in these parts - after all, all their attention is full of the famous Waterfall Victoria, located just on the edges of Zambezi.

3. Danube River - 178 meters

Danube is the longest river in Europe after the Volga, breaking through many countries, thanks to which it is difficult to overestimate its outstanding importance for trade and shipping in all historical times. Big depth that sometimes takes up to 178 meters, makes Danube not only by the deepest river of Europe, but also one of the deepest rivers of the whole world.

2. The Yangtze River - 200 meters

Yangtze - River-record holder of the whole Eurasia. With a length of 6, 300 km, it is also the largest full of continent. On the way of her following, about 450, 000, 000 Chinese citizens live, for whom Yangtze is vital. Yangtze is the second in the depth of the river in the world. It has been established that at some of its points, the distance from the surface to the bottom is 200 meters.

1. Congo River - 250 meters

The deepest and second majority of the river in the world is in Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Emergencies of centuries Local residents use the river for fishing, which, by the way, there are no less than 1000 species here. The Europeans discovered the Congo River in 1481, and since then she has served the transport artery colonizers for a long time for alloying mining and other values ​​to the West to the Atlantic Ocean. It was at the end of his way to the Congo flows on rocky gorges, where at a certain site its depth reaches 240-250 meters! This makes Congo the deepest river in the world.