Transparent walking track at an altitude of 1080 meters above the ground

If you are afraid of height, then you should become scary only from one look at these photos.

In the Chinese province Hunan around the top of Mount Tianmene functions made of glass of the track. Its length is almost 100 meters, and the height above the ground is 1080 meters!

Engineers assure that glass blocks from which the track is composed are capable of standing alone for about 1 ton - for each of them is physically impossible to fit as the number of people. Therefore, visitors are advised not to be afraid for their lives and enjoy the walk, but as we see, not everyone succeeds in fearlessly go through a glass path over the abyss.

It is interesting: Walkway around Mount Tianmene is not the first high-altitude glass structures in China. In the same province in the park Zhangjiajie, visitors can also go through the transparent bridge over the abyss. More information about the unique attraction here.