This emaciated tiger was saved from the circus. What happened to him later?

When Nine-month Tigrenka Asha was saved from the circus, she weighed only 13 kilograms. At her age, Asha was supposed to weigh 4 times more, but terrible content conditions in a close enjoying circus enclosure turned a beautiful animal into a timid and scored creature, never knew caress and love and constantly experiencing a feeling of hunger.

Ashi wool in many places cut down due to lack of food, the skin covered ulcers. In the aviary, Asha lived not alone, but with a tiger, which was much older than her, because of which the two large animals lacked the place to just walk, not to mention the games.

Animals rescued specialists from the center of salvation of wild and exotic animals in Texas. Having distributed all animals to comfortable parks, the veterinarians of the center took ASH to special control due to its extremely poor condition. For several months, Tigritis was stiguously fed, and one of the employees of the center named Keahey twice the day went to Ashe to spend time with her and give the necessary medicines.

After 2 months, the tigress went on amendment and began to quickly gain weight. A thick wool with characteristic tiger stripes appeared on the skins.

Especially Asha loved to swim in water tanks, where the doctors at first add various medicines necessary for wool growth. But then Asha began to swim in them just like this - for the sake of entertainment.

Asha appeared their favorite toys, she ceased to be afraid, began to behave like a healthy tiger.

In the end, Asha presented it to her new partner - the handsawsawsawa Mauggler's tigra, which now does not move away from her.

Now Asha is happy and healthy, has his family and, of course, still adore water treatments. This time, as an aromatic additive, a recently spilled watermelon paws are used.

And Asha hopes that her story will teach people to handle animals as equal to, appreciate their planet and nature, giving each other mutual love and respect.

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