Interesting facts about the northern (polar) shine

The Northern Lights (Polar Lights) of Ancient times attracted human attention. Sometime, the bright glow of the night sky was considered a message of the gods or a harbinger of trouble. But now we know that this phenomenon has a completely scientific explanation. So, we can tell some interesting facts about the Northern Lights.

Fact number 1

Northern radiance arises due to the collision of charged particles emitted by the Sun, with the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere. Electrons, facing gas atoms, transmit part of the energy, exciting and forcing them to glow.

Fact number 2

The color of the northern radiance depends on what exactly the electron is reacting with oxygen or nitrogen. After the electron collishes with the gas atom, the latter turns into an excited state, and then selects the energy - a photon of a certain wavelength, which we capture our vision. Nitrogen usually has a bluish shade, while oxygen glows green yellow and sometimes red. Thus, simply watching the color of the northern radiance, it is possible to determine which height is the bombardment by electrons of the earth's atmosphere.

Fact number 3

There is nothing unusual and rare in the northern radiance - it happens on Earth almost every day. Just on the poles where the Light Magnetic Line of the Earth converge, the northern radiance is strong enough to observe it with a naked eye. Moreover, the Northern Lights is even a day, but the human eye is not able to catch it in this case. It is good that this did not know our ancestors - otherwise they would think that because of the permanent forerunner of trouble in the future, they are not waiting for anything good ...

Fact number 4

The first mention of the polar beams date back to 567 BC. He was taken by one of the astronomers of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, who watched an unusual reddish glow in the night sky. But some specialists are confident that on some ancient rock drawings is shown nothing more than the northern lights.

Fact number 5

Science claims that the upper layers of the atmosphere, where the Northern Lights is observed, are not sufficiently dense to carry out any sounds. However, some people watching the northern lights argue that foreign sounds resembling clicks are heard. At first, the specialists did not pay any attention to it - after all, it is absolutely impossible that the sound arising at an altitude of about 80 km could be distinguished by the human ear. But when the number of people arguing the opposite began to grow, a group of scientists decided to conduct an experiment, place sussuctive microphones on Earth in the area where the Northern Light appeared. What was the surprise when there really found strange click sounds! But it is impossible that these sounds are created at an altitude of 80 km! Probably, these sounds somehow creates a magnetic field. Be that as it may, there is no accurate answer to this question.