This caterpillar does not look like a snake

To merge with the environment or imitate its appearance of predators - the main rule of survival of all living beings in the wild.

And the caterpillar of the moths of the hemeroplanes trirtotolemus workshop follows these rules - after all, its upper part of the body is surprisingly similar to the body of the snake! The same literally all: the color expanding the head and even the eye cut.

Walking along the tropical forest of Central America, where a large number of poisonous snakes is found, it is possible to get very frightened, finding a creature with a snake head on some leaves, which can even repeat snake movements - to rush out of side to side, imitating aggressive behavior or attack, and imitating aggressive behavior or attack, and Even stir the tip's tip, like a snake language.

But if you get courage and look closer, we can see that this "snake" is unusually short about his big head. And only then attentive travelers will understand that the caterpillar is in front of him, surprisingly accurately depicting the behavior of the snake.

illustration: -hemeroplanes-snake-hemeroplanes-triptolemus.html