Kmead Grandi Snake Island in Brazil - One of the most dangerous places on the planet

Kamead Grande is a small island in the south of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, from all sides washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs of the islands are covered with brown vegetation, among which fruit trees predominate, but at the same time it is completely unused. Local residents are afraid of Kamead Grande, like a fire, and refer to the "Island of Death": Rarely, who decides to even get closer to his shores, not to mention to stand on the coast. The thing is that Kamead Grandi Island is in the full power of poisonous snakes and is considered the largest natural serpentarium on the planet, so protected by the authorities as the reserve.

Island Botrops (Bothrops Insularis) is one of the most dangerous poisonous snakes on Earth. In recent years, the population of these snakes has increased significantly - only the fact that they are found only on this small Brazilian island. The poison of the snake, falling into the body of the victim, completely paralyzes it and causes the speedless necrosis of the fabrics: they begin to decay literally in front of the eyes, causing intolerable pain. Any living creature, branted by Botrops, dies very quickly: for example, the mouse dies throughout 2-3 seconds after the bite! In addition to this species, on the island and other varieties of snakes. Kamead Grandi simply tee these reptiles.

Locals tell a lot of legends about this island. One of them tells about the unlucky fisherman, who moored to the island in order to eat fruit, and, naturally, was bruised by Botrops. The man could only reach his boat, where he died. After some time, other fishermen sailing by, discovered a boat with a corpse, swinging on the waves off the coast of the ill-fated island. Another story talks about a beacon of a lighthouse, once standing on the island, and his family. At night, while these people slept, their house was flooded with snakes. Waking up, the family in a panic tried to leave the island, but they could not run from him: all died. Later, the military, moored off the coast of the island, discovered their bodies. Since then, the lighthouse has been replaced automatic.

Brazil's authorities are officially forbidden to visit Kamead Grandi, but without that very unlikely, so that any brand name to attend this island for the sake of adventure searches - such a hunt for adrenaline would certainly cost him life. Island Botrops lives all his life on trees or low shrubs, merging with foliage, so it is very difficult to notice it, but provoke on the attack, taped with a foot or shoulder of the branches on which the snake is easy.

Special permissions are issued only to scholars-scholars or shooting groups specializing in similar subjects. Naturally, they all have sufficient experience and many of the necessary equipment, which includes protective suits and other necessary inventory.

Kamead Grande can be bolded to call one of the most unique reserves on the planet surrounded by legends and deaths. To see him from the deck of the ship will be quite interesting, but to the shore, perhaps, you should not swim.

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