Increased seawater photography

The photographer David Littschwager was always interested in sea flora and fauna, trying to make spectacular snapshots of marine inhabitants. Another work was devoted to the study of marine microorganisms. To make a suitable shot, David installed two small traps for sea plankton in advance, which pulled out after a while. The device is designed in such a way that the tiny marine inhabitants can swim inside, but could not get outward, concentrating in the appropriate ends of the traps.

Having posted their contents into a glass vessel and filling it with water, the photographer made several pictures and, increasing the image, was surprised to find how many small, invisible eyes of living beings hides ordinary marine water.

Signping and at the same time frightening photography of tiny marine inhabitants, similar to monsters from horror films, makes a person think, for how many billion of the living beings of the sea and the oceans are home, and how important to save them to maintain a healthy environmental situation on the planet.

It's interesting: According to many sources, this photo shows how many microorganisms are contained in one drop of seawater with an increase in it 25 times. But, as we found out earlier, it is not a drop at all, but vessel with water, artificially concentrated by the marine inhabitants. Stay with us and recognize accurate and proven information!