The longest insect in the world

Chinese scientists stated that they found the longest insect in the world from ever found. The discovery belongs to the Chinese citizen Jao Li (Zhao Li) - an employee of the Museum of the Incectology of the city of Chengdu, located in the south-west of China. In 2014, while traveling in the mountains in the south-east of China, Jao discovered an unusually large and long holder. Insect length reached 62.4 centimeters long! It could be easily confused with a branch or stick.

Of course, the scientist took the lap to the Institutic Laboratory for further research. Two years later, the recovery of all the information, the institute's staff confidently declare that we are in front of us - the longest insect in the world from all those discovered today.

This is interesting: previous record holder was a paller found in Malaysia in 2008. Its length was 56.7 cm.

By the way, the offspring of an unusual ladder is as long as he himself. During the time the insect was in the laboratory, it had time to postpone the eggs, from which individuals hatched, quickly reaching 25 centimeters in length and continued to grow.