Hyperion - the highest tree in the world

Not in vain say that the forests are the light of our planet. Now there are more than three trillion trees more than three trillion trees, and among them there are real records giants. But it is especially possible to allocate one tree - the sequel of evergreen, called Hyperion. The height of the hyperion is 115, 61 meters, which makes it the highest tree discovered on the planet!

It's interesting: The name of the hyperion was assigned a tree not just like that. In ancient Greek mythology, the name Hyperion was one of the titans, and the literal translation of the name "Hyperion" with ancient Greek means "very high".

The highest tree in the world was discovered not so long ago: in 2006, the researchers Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor studied the Flora of the Redwood National Park, the United States, as suddenly noticed an unusually high sequoy evergreen. The preliminary measurements showed that the height of the tree is at least 115 meters, and the subsequent measurements set the exact value of 115, 61 meters - almost a 38-storey building!

The exact finding of Hyperion is hidden, as experts do not want the flow of tourists to violate the ecosystem in which the gigant grew over the eight centuries.

Unfortunately, the further growth of Hyperion is unlikely possible: the study of his peak showed that the studies living in the park was hollowing out the wood, broke the wood cover of the sequoia. However, in the park, there remains sufficiently high sequel, lagging behind the record holder for only a few meters, so in the future the record of the hyperon will probably be born.