Can the shark eat another shark?

Sharks are one of the most dangerous predators living in the seas and oceans. Currently there are more than 450 sharks, and they all feed on other representatives of the sea fauna. Usually predators of one species do not eat each other, but can the shark eat another shark?

How can it be! This case occurred in the Zoo Seoul, South Korea. The sandy sharks inhabited in the aquarium clung to the deadly fight, which a 2.2 meter female won a length of 2.2 meters long, which simply swallowed her opponent - male sand shark 1.2 meters long. A day later, the fight was still reminded by the tail of the male, who protruded from the mouth of a voracious predator, into which the false enemy did not fit entirely.

Video Attacks:

According to biologists, it was done as a result of the struggle for the territory, and the zoo aquarium sharks cannot be hunger due to stable feeding.