Kathatumbo - place with the largest amount of lightning

Thunderstorm is beautiful and majestically. Our distant ancestors did not know how to form lightning, writing them off their occurrence for divine powers. But even now, when we understand the nature of this phenomenon, there is a little scary in the very center of thunderstorms. Much more pleasant to look at it from the side, watching bright spin on the horizon and admiring the unbridled power of nature. There is one place on Earth, where you can admire the thunderstorm every night for 200 days a year.

This amazing phenomenon occurs in Venezuela at the site of the kathatumbo river in Lake Maracaibo. After sunset, the sky above the lake at an altitude of about 5 km for the next 10 hours is illuminated by hundreds of lightning.

The occurrence of so powerful and long-lasting electrical storms is associated with strong winds that are lining along Lake Maracaibo. In its path, they rest in the mountain ranges surrounding the lake from three sides, deforming and swirling. Lake Maracaibo lies in the swampy terrain, and warm air enriched with methane, in large volumes rises upstairs, where it faces other air flows, which causes large electrical discharges up to 8 km long!

The browning sky is visible at a distance of up to 400 km and at all times the unique phenomenon served as sailors in the ideal "natural lighthouse."