The most interesting facts about tea

Tea is one of the most ancient drinks in the world. The history of this popular product has not one thousand years. It is in tea that the charm of the old England and the mysterious East are harmlessly combined. Most of humanity simply does not imagine a new morning without a cup of this fragrant drink! But do we know much about him? The following are the most interesting facts about tea that everyone will surprise.

1. As you already, probably guessed, brewing from tea leaves is the most popular drink in the world. Even alcohol cannot compare with it. So beer ranks second in its fame. And the invigorating grains of coffee is only the third.

2. Do you know that tea was invented absolutely by chance? According to legend, in 2736 BC. e. The famous Chinese emperor Shen-Nun rested under the crown of one of the trees and asked his servant to bring him hot water. When the emperor wanted to drink her, several sheets from the plant fell into the bowl, but Shen-Nun did not throw them out. Instead, he decided to try a new drink, which came to the ruler very much to taste. A tree under which the emperor was sitting was the wild Chinese camellue.

3. On this interesting facts about tea are just beginning. So, when the first party of tea came to Europe, there was practically nothing unknown about this drink. Nevertheless, the leaves of tea decided to file to one of the royal dinners, however, as a conventional salad. And he was eaten with great pleasure, since none of the court guests did not want to seem likely to see.

4. As you already understood, Europe was not always enlightened. So, even by the end of the XVII century, Europeans knew little about tea. French doctors even recommended smoking tea leaves, as if ordinary tobacco. And to give a pleasant taste, they were very advised to wet them in brandy. But that's not all. Formed after smoking ashes all the French knew preferred to whiten the teeth!

5. Do you know that green and black tea varieties produce from the same plants? The difference between them lies only in the method of processing the tea sheet. These leaves are harvested from the tea tree of the Samellia Sinensis family, which can reach a height of 10 meters. As a rule, it is constantly cut to the level of the bush, so that it is easier to collect leaves.

6. Another interesting fact about tea can be called that more than 80% of the production of this drink falls on only China. The main world suppliers of tea sheet are also India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan.

7. Have you ever wondered what foam and dark film in the tea cup? It turns out that this featured can be said that the drink was appropriate, and you will get a maximum of the pleasure of tea drinking. If there is no light foam and films, then you did something wrong, or the tea turned out to be poorly.

8. In the language of residents of Japan, a common hieroglyph is always used to designate the words "eyelashes" and "tea". This is explained by the legend, according to which the world's first tea bush appeared from the age of the young Buddha. He cut off his eyelids and deeply buried them underground, so as not to fall asleep during his night meditations.

9. Tea varieties are divided into five main categories: black, green, red, white and yellow. In addition to them there are even more than a thousand exotic varieties that are especially popular in Asian countries.

Do you know that during the time who went to read this article, more than 50 million cups of tea have been discovered. And every second in the world they drink more than 2 million mugs of this amazing drink. And perhaps you are now sitting with a hot mug of this drink?