What is lymmbo?

Do you know what is lymbo? If not, imagine that you, walking down the street, see a barrier ahead. And instead of bypace his side, you decide to show miracles of flexibility, and rejected back, bending your back pass under the obstacle, and then proudly go on. And now imagine that in South and North America, the barrier is replaced with a wooden stick, which falls out every time and lower. Passing at this time dancing, and all this happens under the incendiary music and the applause of the audience.

For some people, Limbo represents something more than just entertainment. Meet the American Charles Shemika - a recognized champion in Limbo. The girl has incredible flexibility and trains 6 hours a day, thanks to which it has achieved great success.

For example, it can walk under the bottom of the car or not to touch the stick, which lies on two two-liter bottles. The world record for the lowest Limbo belongs to it - 20, 5 cm! Learn more about Shemika Charles can be from the video below:

Illustration: Depositphotos.com | William87