Why is the Nobel Prize not awarded mathematicians?

Nobel Prize is named after Alfred Nobel - Swedish engineer and the inventor of dynamite and flammable mixtures used in weapons. For his life, he had accumulated considerable money and bequeathed annually to present the monetary remuneration to people annually, who commit a scientific breakthrough in a certain area or take great part in maintaining peace on the planet (the so-called Nobel Peace Prize). The award-winners include: physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, economy *. It is strange to not see among the above disciplines mathematics: because with school benches we say that mathematics is the most important of all sciences, which literally manages the world.

The most dissemination version, why Alfred Nobel bequeathed not to give mathematicians to the Nobel Prize, it says that one day the inventor caught his wife with a famous mathematician. Nobel remembered this case for life and decided to take revenge on all mathematicians without including this science in the final list for the awards. This bike is curious and originally and enjoys great success in teachers of mathematics, but it is unlikely to have something in common with reality. It can be easily checked by studying the biography of Alfred Nobel and finding that he was never married! But suddenly it was not a wife, but the girl he loved?

Indeed, the Swede did somehow once a sentence of his hands and hearts by Alexandra, but received a refusal. There is no reason to believe that later Alexander married mathematics. Moreover, there is a version that the girl did not refuse Alfred, but died of the disease. Be that as it may, this story happened when Nobel was Yun, and the time, as is known, heals. So it is unlikely that the inventor throughout his life carried offense to the girl.

There is information that Alfred Nobel is closely talked closely with his secretary of Berth Kinsky, but later she left and married another. However, Alfred and Berta were rather friends than lovers, and supported the correspondence even after the departure of Berths, so there is no talk about any insult.

In 1876, Nobel got acquainted with the young girl named Sophie Hess. The girl was with a difficult character and had long chosen Alfred so that he marry her, and in correspondence called himself no other way, as "Madame Sophie Nobel", putting people in confusion. Soon the relationship of Nobel and Sophie ceased and she married Captain, who either threw it after the birth of a child, or just drowned. You can finally destroy the version of the resentment and treason, the fact that the inventor continued to take care of Sophie and her child to the end of his life. There is no information about other women in the life of Alfred Nobel.

So what did the well-known inventor aroused out the mathematics from the list of sciences, if the conversations about the treasures are fiction?

They say that Nobel could do this because of hostility to Mattagu-Lefball Mathematics, who was too intrusive with the inventor of the University of Stockholm, who in those days was one of the main Mathematical Institutions of Sweden.

Perhaps mathematics was not included in the list due to the fact that in those years there was already a reward, handed over to achievements in the field of mathematics and Alfred Nobel did not want to compete with it. By the way, the reward was established by Mittagom Lefefler.

But, most likely, Alfred Nobel simply did not consider mathematics as a science in which any significant discoveries could be made in the future. He himself was interested in physics, chemistry and literature, which was written a lot of work. He did not challenge the significance of medicine for all mankind. But mathematics in which no discoveries did not occur for a long time, he did not recognize as a science that moves forward progress. It turns out, Alfred Nobel simply made a list of sciences, which, in his opinion, are worthy of special attention, as helping to develop humanity. And, it should be recognized, I had full right to this.

* The Nobel Prize in the economy was established in 1969 by the Bank of Sweden.

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