How many mosquitoes need to drink all the blood in humans?

Perhaps you just read about the terrible execution of Taiga tribes, when the guy of the man was sent to the naked in Taiwa to the egregation of mosquitoes. Or you just returned from the raw basement, where we saw hundreds of mosquitoes sitting on the walls. Or maybe in nature they were attacked by the Haling of Mosquitoes or you just woke up the annoying buzz of the insect. Anyway, curious to know how many mosquitoes do you need to completely drank a man's blood? Let's deal with.

First you need to decide on the victim of the experiment. All people have a different growth and weight, so for clarity it is necessary to take the parameters of the average person and find out how much blood is in the body. Authoritative sources argue that blood volume is 5-6 liters, so we take the average value of 5, 5 liters and will be repeated from it.

Next, find out that the usual mosquer can drink from 0, 002 to 0, 005 ml of blood at a time. In addition, this value will affect how hungry female mosquito will be influenced (they drink the blood of exclusively female mosquitoes, and not males), and how long she can sit on the skin and should be engaged in vampirism. It is advisable to take a value of 0, 003 ml of blood per mosquito.

Sharing the meanings, we obtain a figure of approximately 1, 800, 000 mosquitoes. It is only mosquitoes that should simultaneously start drinking blood to completely drain the average person. Obviously, it will not be possible to implement this, since such a number of mosquitoes simply does not fit on the human body.

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Photo: Pixabay