The oldest sunglasses in the world

As it is not surprising, but for the first time in history, the sunglasses began to use not in hot countries, where day after day bake and brightly shines the sun, and in the regions of the Far North.

Eskimos and other nations of the northern regions do not know what Snowy blindness is. In the spring, the intensity of sunlight increases, it becomes more and more clear days, and therefore the sun's rays are perfectly reflected from crystal white snow. Even in the city, the city has hurts to look at white snow in a bright sunny day. Imagine how to look an unprotected eye on the blessing sea of ​​snow somewhere in the Arctic? In such conditions, it is very easy to gain eye defeat.

Our distant ancestors who lived in these harsh edges were forced to look for ways to protect against bright sunlight. Without possessing modern materials capable of diminishing light, they logically came to the invention, capable of reduce the intensity of the flow of sun rays for the eyes. Thus were created the world's first glasses with narrow eyes for the eyes, which became the prototype of modern sunny. The eyepieces of such a form strongly limited the review, but it was possible to move around the terrain even with a dazzling sunshine.

Usually, similar glasses were made of wood or bones of animals. The most ancient sunglasses were discovered when studying places of representatives of the ancient-Beringomorsk culture, which lived from the 3rd century to. AD On the coast of the Bering Sea. The age of this find is about 2, 000 years.