What would the black hole look next to the ground

In this picture you see the black hole of Kerra, if it were very close to the ground. The powerful gravity of the black hole refracts the light rays, forcing them to spin towards the event horizon. The creators of the image (ESA - European Space Agency) claim that each pixel is placed here in accordance with generally accepted physical formulas, and looking at this picture, we see how the light would really lead ourselves in such a situation.

The black hole of Kerra is distinguished by what has a moment of rotation. Because of this, it has a number of wonderful properties: for example, spinning a space-time next to him, creating an area called ergosphere, where no physical object can stay alone.

Scientists believe that all black holes in the universe are rotating - after all, they originated from stars, which also rotated, and when the star collapse and decrease its size, the speed of rotation only increases. And if the theoretical fixed black hole, which has only two characteristics - mass and charge, is described by the Schwarzschild equation, the rotating black hole is described by the equation that the New Zealand astrophysicist and mathematician Kerr Roy are described.

It should be noted that the geometry of black hole kerra theoretically allows the physical object to visit the black hole without any consequences for itself and even find inside the path to other measurements or other universe. So this or not - mankind is only to learn.