IC 1101 is the largest galaxies from the currently known

Our land as part of the solar system is in one of the galaxy sleeves of the Milky Way. Our spiral galaxy has a diameter of 100, 000 light years and contains about 400 billion stars - really a huge amount that is difficult to even imagine.

But for its magnitude, the Milky Way and can not be closely argued with the real giant - the Galaxy IC1101, which is from us at a distance of 1, 04 × 10 9 light years. The diameter of this galaxy is approximately 6, 000, 000 light years!

For the first time, the IC1101 galaxy was opened for a long time - in 1790 by the British astronomer William Gershel. Since then, up to this day, the galaxy was subjected to numerous studies, on the basis of which an approximate number of stars in IC1101 was calculated - about 100 trillion.

It is believed that the galaxy giant was formed due to the merger of several galaxies like ours. In a few billion years, the same fate awaits the local group of galaxies, which includes the Milky Way: According to observations, our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy move towards a friend to a friend at a speed of 140 km / s, which will lead to their merger and the formation of super galaxies .