How much will weigh the cloud?

Fluffy cloud flying over his head, not at all such a soft and air, as it seems to us. And it is easy to check with the help of calculations.

To calculate the mass of the cloud, it is necessary to know its density and volume. The cloud density can vary greatly depending on its type, so for example, we will take the average value of 0, 5 grams per cubic meter, which is typical for cumulus clouds.

The volume of such clouds to measure is quite difficult, but their length on average is about 1 kilometer. The height of the cumulus cloud and its width is usually not much different from the length, so we will use all the same value for them - 1 kilometer. It turns out that the volume of a typical cumulative cloud is about 1, 000, 000, 000 m 3. Multiplying on a density of 0, 5 grams, we will get a value of 500, 000, 000 grams or 500 tons!

Just imagine that the mass of the cloud hanging above is 500 tons! But, of course, it does not fall on the ground, since it does not represent a single whole, but consists of billion of the smallest almost weighty particles of water vapor.