Will there be a mobile phone in the submarine?

I wonder if an ordinary mobile phone can work in a submerged submarine? Of course, under the word "work" implies to catch a signal and be able to call, and not just be included.

The answer is unequivocal - no. High-frequency cellular radio waves are very well absorbed by salt sea water, so do not penetrate into the depth, where the submarine is located. But even if the submarine will pop up, then the sailors on her deck are unlikely to be able to talk on the phone. If only the submarine will not be close to the shore. The fact is that the high-frequency cellular communication with a wavelength from 0, 1 to 1 meter works stable only if there are covered honeycomb / communication stations that transmit signals. The maximum distance for receiving a base station signal reaches 70 km, so on the land of the reception station are close to each other, which in the open sea, of course, does not happen.

But this does not mean that submarines remain without communication at the time of completion of the task. The information of the submerged submarine is transmitted using long and super long radio waves - the wavelength from 100 to 1000 km and even more. Such radio waves penetrate the greater depth and can be caught by the antennas of submarines. The lack of such a type of communication is an extremely slow data transfer rate, which becomes the lower than the smaller the radio wave.

This is interesting: will be able to aliens if they, of course, have exist, catch the radio wave coming from our planet? We read here.