How mosquitoes pierce your skin?

The bite of the mosquito is not only unpleasant due to the subsequent reddening of the skin and unbearable desire to scratch the busted place, but also is extremely dangerous. Together with the saliva mosquito in the blood of a person, infections fall, which annually kill hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

But the bite of the mosquito is not just a stuffing of the trunk in the skin of a person, followed by sucking blood. During the bite, the insect is stuck in you six sharp needles. It turns out that in the proboscis itself, which is actually a lower lip, hid six tubular jaws, called styles. With their help, the mosquito cuts over the skin, it introduces saliva in the wound, which prevents blood coagulation, and only then lowers the sucking tube.

On the video below the process of the bite of a female mosquito man is captured to drink the blood necessary to create offspring.

Deep studies of mosquito bites mechanism should help to invent universal protection against bleeding insect bite. True, it is not easy to do: after all, the Komar has no less than 150 receptors to find suitable for the bite of warm-blooded creatures.