Archelon - the biggest turtle in history

The largest turtles that live at the moment belong to the type of elephant turtles. Meeting with a two-meter long-lived giant surprises any person. But elephant turtles would seek real crumbles compared to five-meter giant turtles of the type Archelon Ischyros.

All Archelon remains known to date are dated later to the chalk period - about 70 million years ago. Most likely, a giant turtle, weighing more than 2 tons, extinct at the junction of two periods - Cretaceous and Jurassic.

Interestingly, many Archelon skeletons are perfectly preserved. Scientists suggested that these copies were killed while lying on the seabed, buried in il. Probably, Archelon rose to the surface quite rarely - once a few hours to do inhale. And at the land and went out only in order to postpone the eggs.

Archelon's skull, reaching 70 cm long, ended with a large curved beak, resembling the beaks of modern predatory birds. But the front flippers of the turtle are of particular interest: they were truly huge - up to 5 meters in the midst - and served Archelon to the main weapon of movement both on land and in water.

This is interesting: one of the found skeletons of Archelon there is no rear las. Archaeologists suggested that these traces of Archelon's battle with prehistoric shark or mesozavrome.

At the moment, the Turtles of the species of Archelon are the largest representatives of the turtle detachment in the history of our planet.