Scientists have created PAC-MAN with alive organisms

PAC-MAN is a famous computer game, first released in 1980 and deservedly turned into a legend. It is the levels with a labyrinth in which a yellow round creature named PAC-MAN, managed by a player, should eat all the white points and avoid collisions with the lead.

But imagine that the fun game suddenly moved to real life, where the role of a round creature and bringing live beings, which at a meeting can eat each other. What is this horror movie? No - this is a new creation of scientists.

A group of microbiologists from the Norwegian Institute of Nano- and Microtechnologies reproduced one of the levels of the game PAC-MAN in the real world. True, its sizes are extremely small: less than one millimeter in the diameter. And then the microbiologists settled this labyrinth with alive organisms: EVGLENES, IFUZORIES AND KOLOVRAKA.

Of course, controlling microorganisms as in a computer game is not possible. But look at them moving in one of the PAC-MAN levels is quite interesting. However, if you imagine yourself on the site of one of the participants of the live game, it becomes terribly.