How actually the work of the space rocket engine

A fiery jet of a strange blue color from the nozzle of the jet engine is not the result of processing in the video editor. For the first time, it was possible to obtain frames of the work of the cosmic rocket jet engine with such as they really are.

The fact is that the flame coming out of the nozzle at the start of the rocket is extremely bright, so burn its work in natural colors when shooting a common picture, modern cameras are not able - the exposure setting can help get the more natural colors of the fiery jet, but the other part of the image will be very darkened . However, the camera developed by the engineers from NASA removes several images at once with different exposures, and then combines them into one video, showing us the natural colors of what is happening.

The technology was named High Dynamic Range Straeo X (Hidyrs-X), and its first test occurred during testing of rocket engines SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM - new super heavy rocket developed in the US and intended for manned flights to long-range space, Including on Mars.

Recently, it is the development of a superheavy of a cosmic missile that can be removed to a low near-earth orbit from 70 tons of payload, is a priority for cosmic powers that plan to develop a long-range space. Currently, NASA and Roscosmos are developing similar missiles.