What is more dangerous: Campfire holidays or smoking?

If you like to relax in nature, sitting near the fire, then it would be better for you to go back to the city and smoke a cigarette! At least such conclusions came specialists who have studied the substances contained in the cigarette smoke and compared them with substances from the smoke of an ordinary campfire.

It turned out that in both cases hazardous carcinogens were discovered. At the same time, a conventional fire, burning for an hour, highlights 4300 times more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than 30 cigarettes. Moreover, the free radicals that are distinguished by the combustion of wood, 40 times more active than tobacco, therefore, they have a more disastrous effect for a long time.

At least the next time, sitting by the fire, try not to inhale the products of burning wood.

Source: http://www.familiesforclpleanair.org/health/health4/