Can aliens catch a radio signal from the ground?

There is a theory that extraterrestrial civilizations can detect our planet if the radio wave originates from it. And they can even listen to earthly songs that are broadcast by radio stations. Is it really possible, and the question is not whether aliens will be able to listen to the "discos of the 80s" hits, and when this happens?

It is necessary to figure it out, firstly, whether our radio waves can really leave the earth limits and carry the cosmos deep into the limits of the solar system, and, secondly, there is a chance that our radio signal "will" be observed "on extraterrestrial civilization Holding technical means for processing it?

The main obstacle to radio waves into space is the earth's atmosphere, and more precisely its upper part, called the ionosphere, which is constantly ionized due to irradiation with sunbeams. One of the main characteristics of any radio wave is its length (i.e. the distance between two adjacent wave crests). If they could see radio waves and measure them, then noted that their length could vary from 1 mm to 100 km. The feature of the ionosphere is that it reflects long waves, but the shortwave can pass through it.

This is interesting: Due to the reflection from the ionosphere, the long radio waves have the ability to spread around the circumference of the planet, which makes them an indispensable way of communication with marine courts and submarines located on duty in the midst of the ocean.

Short and ultra-screw waves are used for television and broadcasting, to communicate with air transport, cosmic satellites and space probes remote to a distance of millions of kilometers from the ground. Bypassing the ionosphere, the radio wave goes into space, spreading there at the speed of light.

It's interesting Speed ​​ Light - This is Really Many . for example radio signal only that released with Earth side remote object artificial origin probe "Voyager -1 " - Can reach it already via 18 C Half Hours . and "Voyager -1 " flies cosmic space with huge speed already 38 years , and Distance to It is 1128> almost 20 000 000 000 KM (20 billion . KM ).

With the distance traveled due to gradual scattering, their power is gradually falling. Imagine that you threw a stone into a quiet surface of the lake: from stone - source - the circles went to all parties, but the farther they disagree, the less noticeable becoming. This happens with radio waves: if you count approximately, the two-time deletion from the communication source will reduce the power of radio filters four times. Detect such radio waves at a distance of several hundred light years from the ground will be a difficult task for cosmic civilizations. However, now earth radio telescopes are able to detect the work of a conventional airfield radar, which is removed from us for a distance of 200 light years [source]. It remains to hope that the alien technique for receiving radio communications will not give way to the earth.

Theoretically, aliens can fix our radio waves created by conventional cellular tits and TV translators, but it is unlikely that they will get something from them, except for the incomprehensible "porridge" - does not go about listening to music and films. But is there a way to transfer to tens of thousands of light years meaningful information? Perhaps if radio signals were broadcast in space purposefully from powerful radio telescope, aliens would have more chances to catch information from the ground? This is true, and such sessions of one-sided coupling have already been carried out using antennas of long-term space communications. Radio content data is combined with the Meti program, the main idea of ​​which is just to send such messages towards "promising" galaxies and stars - that is, where the existence of life, according to scientists, is theoretically possible.

What includes these messages? Yes, anything: information about land and its inhabitants, our society, nature, animal world, melodies of the peoples of the world, description of the coordinates of the solar system in our galaxy, etc. The power of radio signals really amazes - according to forecasts, one of the already sent radio stations should reach its recipient through 25, 000. However, most radio-grades still have more realistic arrival dates: 2029, 2030. For all the existence of the METI program in space, 19 messages were sent. In this case, radio wave lengths were used, which are considered optimal for far spacelines: from 1 cm to 20 cm.

It's interesting There is Risk , What Alien Civilization can Get not All Message , and only Small It Part . can they even not will take It For Signal Artificial origin . need Make so to Length Waves Point on Artificial Origin Radio signal . specialists offered use unique length 1263> Waves in 21 cm , corresponding Radio Neutrality hydrogen . It is estimated that any Developed Civilization when 1297> Study Space Space should Will Find out About Radio neutral hydrogen - so as exactly radiation in length 21 cm you can 1340> Determine Distribution hydrogen in Space . if divide it is number on What - either Constant , for example , Familiar All We from School number PI , then Received Length Waves Immediately E Points on Artificial Origin ! works it and in back order - catching radio wave on this length waves you can will argue About rationality It source .

So, we realized that alien civilizations in principle could catch radio waves from the ground and even listen to a couple of earthly melodies, if they are lucky enough to accept one of the METI radio frequency. Although the latter is much more powerful than ordinary television signals, they are very inferior to them in the amount and area of ​​the cosmos coating. And it is gently said: 19 radio stations are nothing compared to conventional television signals that are evenly distributed from the lands of the latter in all directions. This means that, most likely, these radio waves will be able to detect extraterrestrial civilizations if they, of course, exist. Stop, and whether this is the main obstacle to the detection of our radio waves: is there at the moment extraterrestrial civilizations, which have sufficient technical level to take earthly signals? No matter how trally sounded this issue, we still do not know if there is no life in the Universe at least any life, except for ours, not to mention a reasonable life.

Without deepening in a difficult question about the existence of extraterrestrial life, we simply assume that it exists. But in order to take our radio signals, a few more conditions should be performed miraculously:

  • Civilization it should be not far from the Earth, up to 100 light years;
  • she must reside in the same time interval as our;
  • In terms of development, civilization must be on the same stage as our;

Imagine that several millennia ago, near the cosmic standards, of course), there would be a development of civilization like ours, which would emasculate radio wave in different directions. In a few hundred years, radio signals would have achieved our planet, but it would hardly have ancient Greeks or Romans to accept, since they simply did not have sufficient knowledge for this. But why in our time, possessing powerful radars, we do not fix these signals? Two answers can be given to this question: either the alien civilization ceased to exist because of some cataclysm, or it entered a new level of development and no longer uses radio signals for data transmission. Perhaps the last traces of its existence could be thrown a few centuries ago, but not now.

Humanity entered the radio with only about a hundred years ago, and theoretically has already managed to spread radio waves within the radius of 100 light years. But the distance is 100 st. years in scale is not the fact that the universe, but even our galaxy Milky Way is nothing. The likelihood that in this radius there are developed civilizations, which have knowledge of radio engineering, seeks to zero. And whether humanity will continue to generate radio waves in 100 years and thereby increase the radius of cosmos coverage with radio signals up to 200 s. Years - a big question.

So, it turns out that radio waves emitted in the process of human civilization, theoretically can be seen by aliens. In this case, we are talking both about conventional radio broadcasts and messages in the shortwave range and about the intentional radio settlements of the METI program. The biggest question is whether all the factors will be able to coincide so that a fairly developed alien civilization is in the right place in the right place?

And Looking for Lee Humanity Alien Radiocenes ?

Of course, looking for. Dozens of radio telescope combined under the search program for extraterrestrial Meti Mind, every day listened to space in various radio bands. All data is carefully collected and decrypted on computers. Are there any results of research data? So far, the space is silent, and from natural electromagnetic noise failed to select a single proven signal of artificial origin. Only one case in the entire history introduced the cross community. It happened on August 15, 1997

The participant of the project Jerry Eman among cosmic noise recorded a strong radio signal. The results have seen so struck him that he lied them with a handle and signed a "WoW" nearby. Now this signal is called - "WOW signal". What it was - simply reflected from any barrier to the signal of earthly origin or we came across the scraps of the radioslands of an extraterrestrial reason - no one can say.

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