Is it possible to safely fly through the belt of asteroids?

The asteroid belt is an area between Jupiter and Mars, where most of all asteroids of the solar system focuses. Our rapid imagination, fantastic films and artistic literature on space travel may be an asteroid belt as an irresistible obstacle for any manual object: the cobblestones flying with the terrible speed of all shapes and sizes will erase the spacecraft in dust, which risked them through them.

Or all the same asteroid belt is safe for flights?

Indeed, asteroids in this area on cosmic standards fly quite closely from each other. But for a person, these distances are huge and make up hundreds of thousands of kilometers. According to experts, the chances of encountering one of the asteroids in the span via the belt are 1 to about 5, 000, 000. This has already proven 9 spacecraft, smoothly flying through a dangerous plot. The very first thing was made by the probe "Pioneer-1", and then scientists really feared for his safety.

Someone will say that one chance of a million is still a lot, and especially in the space industry, where the risk of loss of the device must be minimized. For example, a chance to get into a plane crash is much less - approximately 1 to 80, 000, 000, however, we also have a matter of fallen airliners. But, first of all, the number of flights running per year, several million times more than even planned space flights. Secondly, many objects of the asteroid belt are already taken into account, and their orbits are investigated and laid in the flight program. And finally, every new observation of the belt adds all new objects to this list, thereby reducing the likelihood of a meeting of cosmic probes with an asteroid. After a few decades, our knowledge of the belt of asteroids will be complete, and each spacecraft will be able to not fear for their preservation of the unavailable potentially dangerous area.

It is interesting: Is there any at all in the universe belt of asteroids, where the distance between objects is so small that any spacecraft crossing it will almost certainly be destroyed? So far, such places are not found, but due to the fact that the universe is truly huge, almost certainly it can be argued that such places exist. However, such belts of asteroids are hardly durable. Most likely, they will arise due to the collision of massive celestial bodies (for example, planets). Due to the too close distance to each other, objects inside the belt will face and push each other with orbit. In thousands of years, such an asteroid belt inevitably "purified" and become similar to the one that is in our solar system.