What is Notobiology?

Nothing foreshadowed the danger. The spacecraft was most reliable of all who have ever been done on Earth. The special system protected it from meteorite and radiation danger. The crew consisted of the most experienced cosmonauts. Warranty safety guarantee seemed to be complete. But the misfortune came at all from there, from where they could wait ... On the second month of the star expedition, one of the crew members fell ill. After a week, run down the bed another. The doctor took the air sample and grabbed his head with horror. Microbial flood! Stop. Perhaps enough passions. This is not a documentary about the death of the carriage crew, but a small fantasy on the topic: what would happen if there were no science, which is called Notobiology.

Nagotobiology - science of mirror life. It is essentially a new biology industry.

The air, which we inhale, tee microbes. Food that we eat is also styled by microbes. Any organism from birth and to death is surrounded by various microbes. Some of them are harmful, others are useful, others are neutral. And together, they are the ocean of the smallest organisms, along the bottom of which we go. What will happen if you burn a living organism from microbes? When Notobiology only intended to make his first step, the opinion of scientists on this issue was not united.

Some believed that life without microbes was as doomed as a human body without water. The microbial environment was a satellite of life since its occurrence on earth. The disappearance of the microbes - and life will die. Others assured that, on the contrary, life without microbes is quite possible. And in the proof, the facts were given. The egg chicken does not contain microbes inside the shell. The embryo is developing in a mimicious world, and, as is well known, perfectly normal. Many Arctic birds and animal animals are almost free from microbes. At first, scientists were convinced that no microbes could do the plants. The idea of ​​growing mitrobial animals belongs to the classics of world microbiology Louis paste. In one of its works, he outlined the scheme for obtaining mothful animals. However, it was possible to implement an idea only after 10 years. In 1896, D. Nuttl and Tyrfelder in the Laboratory of Berlin University for the first time received migratory guinea pigs. Now it was possible to say to the whole voice: life without microbes is possible! Only after 17 years, the unique experiment of two German scientists was transferred to flies, chickens and even a goat. The purpose of the experiments is to finally dispel doubt. Next in Notobiology a decline occurred. No one decided to continue experiences, since the necessary equipment in those times was complex and the road. In addition, biologists have yet been poorly represented, which real benefits can be expected from new science, in which direction it should move on.

The new lift occurred in Notobiology at the beginning of the forties, when cheap plastics began to design insulators. In dozens of laboratories of the world, a wide front of work has unfolded. One of these insulators can be seen in the laboratory of experimental biological models of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Imagine a tank of magnitude with a small tank. True, similarity with tank only in form and sizes. The complex apparatus should provide a reliable antimicrobial barrier, extinguish from microbes Animal, food, air, water. Before getting inside the insulator, the air passes through the system of filters. First cleaned from coarse impurities, and then from small, up to microbes. Food sterilization turned out to be more complex. It would be ideal to remove microbes so that the nutritional properties of food remained the same. One such method was found: dissolve food and filter it. But the subject thing as can be seen, applicable only to soluble food. And what about insoluble? If there is no possibility to remove microbes from food, you need to kill them, destroy microbial cells. For this purpose, food in thermal chairs was heated, steam, gas and irradiation were used. It seemed possible to put the point: the problem of sterilization of food was solved. However, after careful analyzes, it turned out that it was rejoiced early.

After sterilization in food, pieces of killed microbes remained, with their properties resembling alive. And these scraps of microorganisms, like pieces of a baked rainwater, stubbornly continued to live. Moreover, many of them retained antigenic properties, causing antibodies in the blood, lymph and tissues. Such an organism can be called mightless, but not nonsense. Until final migration, you need to take another step. Chemists will help. Synthetic food, completely free from microbes and antigens, will be the limit of dreamed of biologists. Before synthesize such food, the chemists will bother in advance about the sterilization of the starting materials. It is much easier than to subjected to sterile processing ready-made food.

Many new science problems are waiting for solutions. For example, scientists still do not know whether there are viruses in organisms in organisms. Careful analyzes gave a negative answer. Nevertheless, it did not convince biologists. In their opinion, the most advanced methods of analysis carried out using the most new equipment require further development and improvement. Now the horizons of the Notobiology acquired quite distinct outlines. Remember, we said that at the dawn of the development of new science, the most pressing question was: Is life without microbes possible? Now biologists put a new version of this issue on the agenda: what changes cause the absence of microbes in the body?

Isolation of the body from microbes primarily affects immunity. Essential differences in cellular protective mechanisms are found. The factory was underdeveloped, producing blood and lymph antibodies.

What are scientists working in the field of overtobiology from their science? The most coming expected results are to explore the mechanisms and consequences of the action of various microbes on the body. Nowhere, the experimenter will not find such rich opportunities for this as in Notobiology. Many infectious diseases are the result of the action of one or group of microbes.

The main difference has acquired a nunobiology in space medicine. The ship in space carries a small biological world, peculiar and little similar to the one that surrounds us. Experiments have shown that in the conditions resembling a cabin cabin, microbial flood develops, the number of microbes is catastrophically growing. It is impossible to completely sterilize the cabin of the spacecraft and the astronauts in it. The only real path is in the regulation of the microbial world of the spacecraft.

But, perhaps, the most grandiose perspective of Notobiology is a ray of the mystery of the origin of life. Biochemists are now close to creating an artificial living organism. And they will definitely need the most perfect insulators to eliminate the intervention of living cells, in particular microbes.