Why tongue sticks to cold metal?

What can be ridiculous than a person who in winter tongue to the metal? No one wants to be in such a stupid position, but curiosity takes the top, and every winter metal swings and pillars find new heroes.

The fact that the language in the frost is glued to the metal - a fact confirmed by thousands of experimenters. It remains to understand why this happens.

All metals have excellent thermal conductivity. This means that any piece of iron freely misses itself warm. Remember the forgotten in a cup with a boiling water a teaspoon - after a minute it heats up so much that it even hurts her. But this effect will not happen again with a plastic or wooden spoon, which have low thermal conductivity. It turns out that iron will strive to take the heat from another body, in the number of the language of the next victim of the experiment.

In a normal and healthy person, the tongue is covered with saliva, which consists of 99% of water. The fact that for minus temperature water freezes, everyone knows. When it's cold outside, more blood flows into the tongue, which does not allow saliva to freeze. But when a person in the frost is touched by a language to the iron swings, they begin to pick it up heat so quickly, which instantly cool it, and the body simply does not have time to maintain the temperature on the surface of the language more zero. Then everything is simple and predictable: saliva freezes and the tongue is glued.

So what to do next? Exactly should not be draped behind the tongue and, moreover, try to cut off it with a metal blade. The best way is to bring warm water and gradually water her tongue, until it knows and does not get different. But at hand does not always have a bottle with warm water. Then the health of your own body can come to the rescue: warm the tongue with your fingers, palms and your own breathing until it is different.

Main photo: Depositphotos.com