Test of the brake parachute of the aircraft right in flight

What can be the best test for the brake parachute of the aircraft? Of course, its opening right during the flight at huge speeds.

A few days ago, engineers and testers conducted testing of the F-35A Lightning II fighter braking parachute. We are talking about a modification intended for the Air Force of Norway - in the American Air Force, the F-35 parachute braking system is not equipped. In Norway, the use of parachute is intended to reduce the braking aircraft on the runway, which can be covered with ice in winter conditions.

Initially, the parachute was opened when the engine is operational in the fluster mode, but the hot emission immediately faced parachute slings due to which the test ended with the failure. Next time, open the brake parachute was solved with low engines. This time, the change of test tactics ended with success: the sensors managed to collect all the necessary information about the distribution of loads on the parachute dome.

Note that the brake parachute is manufactured in touching the aircraft of the Earth, and for a sharp decrease in the aircraft speed in the air, air brakes are used, often representing the elements of the fuselage, which increase the resistance of the air. So the disclosure of the brake parachute during the flight is an interesting and unusual test.