Irkutsk ophthalmologist conducted an operation to return Viotihe

Last year, a joyful event occurred in Irkutsk Zoo. Little enoty appeared on the light. The baby called Martha, she was born quite healthy. But after a few weeks, Zoosad employees began to notice that the animal rapidly loses his eyesight. Marta stumbled on the surrounding items, but soon stopped seeing finally.

Local veterinarians refused to treat raccas, arguing that they have no such experience. Then the staff of Zoosad decided to seek help from Moscow and St. Petersburg. But the money for transportation and the treatment of the animal is catastrophically lacked ...

Fortunately, the way out of the situation was found! The eyes of the animal agreed in the local clinic "Microsurgery of the eye". Surgeon Marina Chanturova took to operate the raccoon completely free! Last year, by the way, she operated as a cataract with a cataract.

After examining the animal, the doctors concluded that the victim of the poorhage could only the replacement of the affected lens artificial.

The complexity was that the structure of the eye of the raccoon differs from the human. Doctors consulted with colleagues from all over Russia, but there was no such experience!

Operation PR OAS in early February. She lasted about 2, 5 hours! "The operation on the first eye was complex - there is more started by cataracts. In addition, there were nuances in anesthesia. We coped with this difficult situation, and the operation on the second eye flew unnoticed ", " the doctors told.

Martha was well postponed intervention. Doctors gently took her out of anesthesia - stroked, massaged, brazily brake. A little later, March went home. After such operations, the sight is returned only after a while, so the next month passed not without alarm. Fortunately, the result exceeded all the expectations! Now Martha sees perfectly! An animal is perfectly oriented in space. Doctors conducted a survey and confirmed that vision recovered almost completely! Thanks to the golden hands of Irkutsk ophthalmologists, March returned to a happy and carefree life!

Source: MUR.TV.