These 3D Zootrops will surprise everyone

A toy with a strange name Zootrope known to man since ancient times - the mention of it is found in the chronicles created before AD. At various nationalities, this device was called differently, but the principle of operation was always based on the inertia of the view - the ability of the eyes to connect quickly by replacing each other images into one.

In 1860, the toy was patented by an American businessman and received the name "Zootrop", which from ancient Greek translated as "life" + "rotation".

An ordinary zootop consists of a drum with images of a person, an animal, etc., as well as handles that leads the drum in motion. At a certain speed of rotation of the drum, human vision ceases to notice the change of static images and perceives it as one animation. And although Zootropians today are already considered not as toys, but, rather, like antiques, some companies continue to produce truly unique devices to the market.

But unlike the original design of the toy, the designers and engineers of the 4-mation company decided to bring 3-D elements to their zootrock. Of course, they got rid of the outdated handle, replacing it with an electric motor, whose rotation speed can be adjusted using a smartphone. What happened from it, look below on the video.