These rodents survive with the complete absence of oxygen

Naked farms are truly unique rodents. Scientists found that these animals can not feel pain, and among them there are practically no individuals with malignant tumors. Now they have discovered another unique feature - they can survive for a long time even in the absence of oxygen.

During the experiment, a group of bare farms was put into the room where the oxygen level is 5% instead of the usual 21%. There they spent more than 6 hours, and then the experiment simply stopped - the rodents did not have any discomfort, continuing to lead their usual livelihoods. Many other mammals with such oxygen would have died in a few minutes.

Interested in such a good resistance to oxygen starvation, scientists moved naked farms into the room where oxygen was completely absent. A few seconds, the animals stopped breathing, but their heart continued to work, reducing rhythm from 200 strikes per minute to 50, and vital organs functioned. Having hold down the rodents of 18 minutes without oxygen, the researchers returned them to normal conditions. And after a few minutes, the animals have not been breathing with air saturated with oxygen breathing.

How can bare farms survive in such extreme conditions? These animals do not support the constant temperature of their own body, which is a unique case for a mammal, which is why less oxygen is consumed. But the main weapon is the ability to receive energy for the vital activity of the brain and cells not only with glucose, but also fructose. The latter begins to be used by animals precisely with a lack of oxygen, when the oxidation of glucose and, therefore, the receipt of energy becomes impossible.

But it should not be assumed that bare farms are almost immortal - during a 18-minute experiment, animals were practically at their limits of their capabilities. When the next time scientists lasted excavators without oxygen for 30 minutes, none of the animals survived.

Images: Flickr | SMITHSONIAN'S National Zoo