Sabving - "Wing" for swimming under water

One of the favorite fun of holidaymakers near the water is to slide on the board on the wave of the boat. But this entertainment, called Weixsurfing, has long ago and has become the usual attribute of relaxation at the sea. But what if you swim after the boat not over the water, and under water? It is for this that there is a device called sabving ("Subwing" English)

Sabving was invented by the Norwegian surfer Sivers Simon Siversten in 2014, but the idea of ​​the underwater wing came to him much earlier - in 2010 during the rest on the Greek Islands with crystal clear water. Simon thought it would be great to swim in such transparent water, admiring the terrain of the bottom and the marine inhabitants. A prototype of the future sabving created the prototype of the Future Sabving and successfully tested him with the use of the tree. A few more years required on the briefing of the structure to mind.

In 2014, the final sample of sabling was presented: two moving wings made of carbon fiber, rigidly interconnected. The design of the wings will lead a person holding a man under water, and the moving parts make it easy to maneuver under water. The speed of movement on such a device is up to 8 km / h.