An important correspondence is better to lead in the middle of the working day.

Important messages are better to write in the middle of the working day. It was at this conclusion that specialists from Grammarly came, which is a add-on developer to automatically check the spelling of text editors and browsers. To understand, at what time of the day, people are mistaken most often, 1 trillion words were analyzed, which were automatically corrected by the program.

It turned out that people printing texts very early - from 4 to 8 am - make an average of 11, 8 errors per 100 words. But in the interval from 13:00 to 17:00 the average number of errors per 100 words is 3, 7, which is the lowest indicator during the day. Well, lovers to work lately can show eloquent statistics, indicating that in the period from 22:00 pm to 02:00 Night, people make 14, 3 errors per 100 words.

It turns out that the most productive time when most people retain increased attention, falls on the middle of the day.