6 pets who saved their lives

Animals are our friends. This is exactly sure by people who saved her pet saved life. Meet 6 fluffy and feathered heroes.

Parrot Willy

Mistress Parrot Willy View Calita Worked for Nanny. Once she briefly came out from the kitchen, leaving her two-year ward to eat toasts. Near his porchochka sat Willie, carefully watching what is happening. Suddenly, the child grabbed her throat and became convulsively to open his mouth. The parrot immediately began to shout at the whole house "Mom Child!", Why Nanny came running into the kitchen and saw the blue-eyed child. She performed the reception of Gamelich and freed the respiratory tract of the suppressed baby from the foreign body. Later, Willie was awarded the Honorary Award "Savior of Life" from the local branch of the Red Cross.

Cat named Malinka Malinka

It may sometimes seem that cats are quite indifferent to their owners, using them only as a means of obtaining food. But in 2014, the cat named Malinka Malinka, who lives in the English town Todmorden proved that it was not.

His mistress, suffering from chronic back pain, decided to adopt morphine to facilitate its condition. However, immediately after the injection, she fainted and did not come to consciousness for a long time. Then the cat ran to the neighbors and began to knock the paw on the window glass, attracting their attention. When the neighbors came out to look at the unusual behavior of the cat, Malinka Malinka led them to her house, where in one of the rooms and found a woman lying unconscious. Arriving at the place of the doctors barely managed to save the life of the hostess of the cat. For their actions, Malinka Malinka received the title of "Cat of the Year 2014" in the annual competition, which is held in the UK.

Rabbit Dory

Late evening rabbit named Dori, as always, lay in his cage, and his owner Simon watched TV. Suddenly the man closed his eyes and limit. The wife who came to the room thought that her husband was tired, and just covered him with a blanket. But as soon as she decided to get out of the room, Rabbit Dori began to behave unusual - to ride in his cage and throw on the lattice aside where Simon sat. A concerned spouse decided to wake up her husband to show the unusual behavior of the animal, as suddenly realized that Simon was unconscious. The doctors who arrived at the place were diagnosed in a man sharply jumped blood sugar levels.

Parrot of the atmosphere

The African Parrot of the Vunxi and his hostess adored walking in the evenings in the park located in the northern part of London. One day the robber attacked the woman from the bushes and began to beat her, writing to the ground. Then Vaunxi decisively stood up for his mistress, putting a powerful beak in the case, which left terrible wounds on the body of an attacker. In the end, the attacker did not stand the poultry head and disappeared.

As the owner of the atmosphere noted later, she did not assume that she sits such a formidable weapon on her shoulder.

Kitten Schnauzi

Works Guy was very surprised when the six-month-old kitten woke her in the middle of the night, who recently became a member of seven. Usually in the middle of the night, Schnauzi sleptfully slept in his house, but that night the kitten began to touch the mistress of his nose in order to wake it faster. Concerned labor got up and felt a sharp smell of gas. Later there was a leakage - a cracked pipe in the kitchen. The firefighters arrived at the place said that if not vigilant Schnauzi, labor risked not to wake up in the morning.

Pig Lulu

Jack and Joe Altsmans did not plan to start a pet, especially the pig. Nevertheless, when their daughter gave them a pig named Lulu, the married couple quickly attached to a funny animal.

Once, when Jack was fishing, Joe Ann had a heart attack. From the last strength, she threw the alarm clock into the window, trying to attract the attention of passersby and passing by cars, but it did not work. Then the Lulu sitting near the Lulu rapidly ran into the street and stood right in the middle of the road, not giving drivers to drive. Seeing this neighbors decided to attribute a pig back to the house of Altmanov, where Joe Ann found in an unconscious state. Soon the woman was taken to the hospital, where she immediately was made operation, saving her life.