Nothing hits the eyes in this transparent office building.

The dream of any employer and nightmare of any employee is a transparent office - built in the center of Hong Kong. Each floor in this office building, which occupies an area of ​​18, 000 square meters, is entirely made of durable transparent glass: walls, doors and even tables and chairs, where workers are sitting. Only overlap between the floors for the strength of the structure are made of standard plates, but they are decorated with glass inserts.

The design and construction of the building was engaged in the Dutch firm MVRDV, specializing in glass facilities. In Hong Kong, where the tenants have a struggle for each meter of space, build buildings that occupy the large areas are quite expensive. Therefore, before MVRDV, the task was set to build a compact building, but by using the glass visually to increase the inner rooms, letting there as much solar light as possible.

According to employees of the office, completely transparent walls, tables, chairs, doors and partitions are not at all embarrassing them, but only strengthen confidence inside the team and make them more open when communicating with customers. I wonder if they would change their opinion if they interview them anonymously?